The Legislative Action Team Chair is responsible for:

  • demonstrating broad concern for state and national legislation affecting the interests of the Association.

  • informing members about newly proposed and enacted legislation related to their interests

  • promoting activities leading to the passage of desirable legislation, election of Board of Education members and passing of the school budget.

  • encouraging members to exercise their responsibility to vote and their right to participate in political activity.

  • involving and informing the community about the school and what it provides for the community.

For more info see NJEA's LAT page.


The Negotiations Committee is comprised of representatives of all bargaining units within the Association.  Committee members are responsible for:

  • using of all sources of information available to them as they deem necessary, including the services of NJEA
  • developing  a questionnaire whereby all member wishes are surveyed
  • bargaining, making proposals and counterproposals and meet at reasonable times with the Board
  • keeping minutes of all their negotiations sessions and providing a negotiations update after each meeting with the Board of Education to the general membership
  • reporting to the President, Executive Committee and the General Membership on the progress of their bargaining
  • bargaining until they feel they should recommend a settlement to the members.  
  • declaring an impasse (if they deem necessary) without getting a vote from the membership
  • preparing for their tasks by attending appropriate training sessions dealing with bargaining

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety Committee is responsible for:

  • keeping association informed of health and safety regulations.
  • following up on all OSHA reports or complaints within the buildings.

  • researching ways to improve health and safety in the district.

  • working with custodial staff to maintain health and safety in the buildings.

Click here for a copy of NJEA's Health and Safety Manual.


The Grievance Committee is responsible for exploring and preparing programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for the redress of grievances.  This committee shall advise the Executive Committee in situations involving the defense of individual SWEA member rights.  


The Membership Committee is responsible for:

  • organizing and conducting membership enrollment.
  • attempting to enroll cash members, new employees and former non-members enrolled for the current school year.
  • communicating with members on Automatic Payroll deduction.
  • returning by direct mail any corrections in their status or address.
  • being responsible for membership maintenance of updated addresses and telephone numbers.
  • being responsible for informing all members about the 80% Representative Fee.
  • ensuring that NEA/NJEA dues are collected from all members.
  • reporting to the Executive Committee and General Membership; send a designee or written report if not designee.

Professional Development

Members of the Professional Development Committee participate in the development of the Local Professional Development Plan and Mentoring Plan and procedures.